Commercial Mold Remediation Services

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When you are working inside of a large corporate office, it’s hard to be able to judge the air quality. Most of the time there is a caretaker who ensures that everything is running smoothly, but some things are beyond anyone’s control. If you are looking for Commercial Mold Remediation, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Choose Commercial Mold Remediation?

The goals of remediation are to remove contaminated building materials, sanitize any exposed contents and materials and containing the affected area preventing mold spores from entering into non-contaminated areas. Doing so creates an effectively run building that is appealing to consumers and employees alike.

How we find the Mold

Infrared Camera – This is an advanced tool that is mainly used to efficiently in detecting water leaks in places like ceilings, behind walls and in other places where accessibility is minimal.

Boroscope – This is a mold assessment equipment with high resolution that enables our mold assessment experts spot mold even in the most hidden and non-visual areas.

Moisture Meter – This device measures the levels of moisture in the are, which are the breeding ground for molds and mildews.

How we Dispose of Mold

Contain – Limit the area in which mold spores can impact during their scrubbing and removal.

Remove – Remove contaminated building materials (it’s best to install new wood and plyboard regardless)

Brush – Brush and sand visibly affected services.

Unsettle – Remove spores with antifungal agents.

Dispose of – Remove the spores and mold waste.

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