Residential Mold Remediation Services

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Mold can be a huge detriment for the wellbeing of your household. While it can be hard to spot at times, it is very easy to treat mildew as opposed to mold. If you suspect that you are having trouble breathing or are being influenced by mold, make sure to call our residential mold remediation services.

Mold Inspection

The first thing that we do is run an inspection to know what kind of mold we are dealing with and if there is any mold there at all.

Usage of Infrared Camera – This is an advanced tool that is mainly used to efficiently in detecting water leaks in places like ceilings, behind walls and in other places where accessibility is minimal. This eventually determines the areas where mold is likely to thrive thus enabling earlier preventive measures or proper ways for repair.

Borescope Use -This is a mold assessment equipment with high resolution that enables our mold assessment experts spot mold even in the most hidden and non-visual areas.

Moisture Meter -One of the major causes of mold growth is a high level of moisture. It’s important to determine the moisture level of your house so that you can avert fungi growth for good.

Our Residential Mold Remediation

If we have determined that there is mold present it is time for our Mold Remediation process:

  • Contain the affected area and obtain negative pressure.
  • Remove any contaminated building materials.
  • Wire brush studs or sanding any solid wood surfaces with visible microbial growth.
  • Removal of any settled mold spores from non-porous surfaces by wiping and scrubbing with an EPA-approved antifungal agent.
  • After materials have been dried and contaminated materials have been removed, HEPA vacuuming is used to collect any remaining debris and dust.
  • Contaminated debris is sealed and discarded at a construction waste.

All Hours Emergency Plumber

If you or a loved one are fearing that you have mold present in your home, make sure to call us today at 904-574-5100 for a consultation!