Emergency Rooter & Drain Cleaning Services

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If you are on this page because there is an emergency currently going on, call this number before you continue reading! 904-574-5100! After you call that number, do the following steps to make your emergency drain cleaning service and emergency rooting quick and with minimal damage to your home.

The fixture is Clogged!

If you are reading because your fixture is clogged it is important that you make sure not to tamper with it at all. Any additional water flowing into the system could potentially cause an overflow and spill the contents of the fixture onto the floor.

Next check the fixtures as best as you can. If the sink is clogged, check beneath to make sure it’s not leaking into the cabinet!

Fixture is Overflowing

If your fixture is overflowing, you need to stop the flow of water immediately. The best way to do this is to stop the main water flow valve as fast as possible; other similar ways is to check that the faucets are off and that the back of the fixture is correctly sealed.

Remove the excess water, grab as many spare towels as you can muster and cover the surrounding area. After you’ve stopped the flow of water and stopped the spread, escort them as safely as possible to a washing machine where you should use bleach no matter what, use heavy detergents to ensure that they are fully cleaned.

Waiting for your Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

If you’ve successfully stopped the overflow and the drain, it’s time to gather as much information for your plumbers as possible. You want to find out where the cause of the problem is and where it isn’t. Try and clear the area to make sure they can promptly enter the premises without incident and gather your homeowner’s insurance and or call the person you rent from. Get as many people in the know as possible.

All Hours Emergency Plumber

No matter what the situation is, if you need emergency drain cleaning or emergency rooting, we are the people to call. We are open all hours of the day and work out of Jacksonville. If you would like to learn more about our company or services, make sure to call us at 904-574-5100