Garbage Disposal Repair

Having a garbage disposal isn’t just a convenience, it’s becoming a modern necessity for most households. While you may not be able to repair the device yourself completely, it is important to be able to understand what could go wrong. To understand this, you need to familiarize yourself with the usual parts that need repair. Is it Jammed? Is it Clogged? Is the motor burnt out? These are the questions that your plumber will need to know and will ask you before they arrive at your destination.

Garbage Disposal Repair Diagnostics

Is the unit Jammed? – The unit functions with gyrating grinders, blades, and clamps. If poorly maintained, these units can become caked in waste which makes them stick to each other (This is why you should never run the unit dry.) If you can hear the motor running, but you cannot see the food moving down, the odds are that the devices are jammed and would need attention.

Is the unit clogged? – After they are passed through the grinding section of the disposal unit, they are then drained through a few filters and pumped out the bottom. When these units are pumped out the bottom, they are now shot through the normal plumbing, but they are liquefied. If the motor is running and the blades are spinning, but the food is not going down, odds are you have a clog and will either need to drain it yourself or call for help.

Is the motor burnt out? – At the bottom, beneath the blades and the strainers is the power supply and the reset button. If the button does not click at all, then you might have a burnt out motor. But sometimes a motor will show a ‘false burn out’ because it was at risk of burning out. If you press the reset button, and the machine works again, you need to check to make sure that the unit is neither clogged nor jammed. You will also need to ensure that you are pouring down manageable parts. Bones and thick materials can have problems being liquefied and can clog or break the unit. If the motor is burnt out, you will need to call your local plumber.

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